Wednesday, August 16, 2017


Post 1581. Wednesday August 16

Friday Fictioneers

Last night my girlfriend bathed in champagne bath oil. She climbed out all pink and shiny and I  couldn't resist giving her hot little body a squeeze, but she went pop, shot from my arms and hit the ceiling!

I fancy bathing in red wine; a cheeky little Claret with a hint of blackcurrant although it would be more like marinating and I’d probably emerge looking like an enormous tomato. Perhaps a well-crafted beer would more sensible.

For now, I’ll make do with a squirt of citrus washing-up liquid, and pretend it’s gin and lime!

Word count 101

Thanks to Rochelle for hosting and providing this week's photograph.


Tuesday, August 15, 2017


Post 1580. Tuesday August 15

Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers

He had no need to sit on a filthy blanket in the street.  He didn't need the loose change dropped at his feet. He chose to live alongside those that had no choice. 

In the depth of the night, he wandered past benches and shop doorways leaving money he had collected and more besides for the wretched souls as they slept. When they awoke they had no idea from whence it came. But find it they did, every morning. 

Years earlier his parents were cruelly stolen from him by a tragic accident. He inherited their vast fortune. He had no other family and had never formed friendships. A review of his charmed life thus far disquieted him, so he resolved from that day forward to dedicate his life to those whom society had cast aside. He became a new person, an unseen guardian angel. Bit by bit he handed out his legacy to those most deserving. Invisibly. Anonymously.

One day he disappeared. No one missed him. After all, he was just another down and out.

Word count 176

This week's photo prompt is from ArtyCaptures

Sunday, August 13, 2017


Post 1579. Sunday August 13

For Sunday Photo Fiction where we have a picture of Doctor Who's Tardis!

Knock knock”

“Who’s there?”


“Disguise who?”

 Disguise in love with you!”

John got home from work later than Lea and they always did a knock-knock joke before she'd open the door and let him in.

“Knock knock”

“Who’s there and why  that funny voice?"  Lea giggled. "John?"

“Knock knock”

“John, you are scaring me”

Lea edged open the door a little. A man in a black hoody pushed his way in and slammed his fist on the light switch plunging the flat into darkness.

"Hello Lea"

He switched on a torch and held it beneath his chin.

“Get out” she shouted shoving him back. He staggered but held his ground. Still, with the torch lighting his face he lowered his hood. She recognised him as the creature from whom she’d fled two years earlier. She froze with fear. He turned the torch on her.

“I said I’d find you, Lea".

“What the hell do you want Mike?”

“Stupid question Lea. I want what's is mine. I’m taking you home”

“Knock knock” Nothing. “Knock knock” Louder.

“Lea, open the door sweetheart” Still nothing.

John used his key to let himself in. Lea was nowhere to be seen.

Word count 199



Wednesday, August 09, 2017


Post 1578. Thursday August 10

Six Sentence Stories

I love hot spicy food even though it makes me itch, but when a friend challenged me to join him last night at a curry restaurant famous for setting people on fire (not literally of course!) I accepted.

The dish looked scrummy and smelled amazing; the steam was so spicy it made my eyes water and my ears itch but undaunted I shovelled the first load into my mouth. 

**** I yelled, louder than intended and a restaurant full of red sweaty faces turned in my direction, then after croaking an apology, having a scratch and a gulp of water, I was off again.

Itching from head to nether regions I battled on,  one hand eating, the other scratching and that's when it started; hic, burp, itch, hic, burp, parp, scratch, burp and as I couldn’t stop I admitted defeat. 

Last night I kept leaping from my sweat soaked bed to have a scratch, nip to the loo or both at once, and I still haven’t recovered.

Oh no, here we go again, I must dash to the bathroom...  quick... quick... quick...too late!

For Six Sentence Stories where the cue is Scratch



Post 1581. Wednesday August 9

Friday Fictioneers

I can't sleep.  I curl into a ball, sheets twisted around me.  I turn this way and that, that way and this. Should I confess; admit it was me? Can I live with myself knowing an innocent soul has been blamed for my misdeeds? But if I own up my friends, family, even my kids will suffer for my transgressions; bullied, ostracised, worse.

Tick tock tick tock tick tock. I hurl the clock across the room. Tick tock yes no tick tock.

I rush to the bathroom and douse my face with water. On the shelf,  I notice some pills. There is a third way.

Thanks Rochelle for hosting Friday Fictioneers and CEAyr for the photograph

Tuesday, August 08, 2017


Post 1580. Tuesday August 8


Everywhere they went, she followed a couple of steps behind. In church, Daisy sat in the pew behind her husband. In their car, Michael drove and she sat in the back seat. I once saw them in the cinema sitting in tandem. The casual observer might well have assumed that Michael was in charge. But no, Daisy was the boss; the one steering the matrimonial ship.
Michael fell for Daisy at first sight and wooed her most passionately. He asked her to marry him and after begging her repeatedly for an answer she eventually agreed. Being a man of modest means he was unable to meet her demand for stylish marriage with a horse and carriage, but he promised her a surprise alternative. She did not, however, anticipate leaving the wedding reception on the back seat of a bicycle made for two!  She never forgave him and from that day henceforth Daisy took charge.

Michael died yesterday at seven-thirty five. Daisy died at seven-forty. I suspect  Michael let the pearly gates slam in Daisy’s face.

Word count 175

*Loosely based on the 1892 song Daisy Bell (a bicycle built for two) by Harry Dacre which you can hear below!

For Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers where Dorothy has provided us with the photo prompt.


Sunday, August 06, 2017


Post 1578. Sunday August 6

The Sunday Whirl 

After many years of taking part in The Sunday Whirl, I have decided to drop out. As a writer of prose, I'm finding myself slowly drowning in a sea of poetry! In future, I will be sticking to Friday Fictioneers which has a massive following, Sunday Photo Fiction, Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers and several other prompt sites that attract a mix of genres and a greater number of weekly contributors. So, I'm going out with a bang!

I was missing one thing, popping candy. I’d visited this shop and that shop, but nope. I needed it to finish my dish. My neighbour Jack came to the rescue; said he had some in his shed. Odd place to keep it I thought, but hey-ho.

I combined my ingredients and simmered them until it was a vomity colour then had a taste to check it was spicy enough. Wow, quite a punch; it burnt my throat! No matter. I added some nuts, then plopped it in a bowl. It looked delicious. (That’s a lie, it looked putrid!) 

Then for the finishing touch; popping candy. It just said ‘Danger. Keep away from children’ on the label. Nothing else. Strange. Anyway, as I scattered it all over my masterpiece bubbles started bursting on the surface. Interesting. Then I stuck it in the fridge and headed for the garden with a well-deserved gin and tonic.

The fireman said I was lucky just my roof blew off; even luckier I was outside when it happened. I won’t tell you what my wife said! Now to find Jack.

The given words at this week’s The Sunday Whirl are - simmered, burst, surface, mixed, chains, matter, won (one)  colour, nut, punch, label, and throat.