Sunday, December 21, 2014

Did you hear about Father Christmas's problem?

The words we are to use this week are eyes, always, snag, panic, sweat, talk, burn, thousand, help, choice, perform and high. I think I used them all! Happy Christmas fellow Wordlers!

     Being Father Christmas is not without its problems; especially as he is I’m told, acrophobic. No don’t laugh, it’s not funny. As occupational snags go it rates highly if you’ll excuse the pun!
     I remember that as a child I once opened my eyes very slightly just as he appeared boots first down the chimney into my bedroom fireplace. My first thought was to wonder how often he found himself standing in some glowing embers. He must burn himself now and again I thought. Then I noticed sweat running down his face and into his beard. He looks hot I thought, so I guess it must happen quite a bit.
     Now I'm grown up I understand the reason. Panic! Just imagine spending most of Christmas night high up in the sky if you don’t like heights. He didn't have a choice about taking the job of course. Like royalty he inherited it as did King George IV in that movie where he had a stammer.
     However he always manages to perform his duty every year. I expect he has a therapist to help him; someone to talk to. The only consolation is that he gets a few thousand glasses of sherry or whatever to drink along the way, plus the odd mince pie. Having said that, if my mince pies are anything to go by that’s not necessarily a suitable reward!
    Anyway, happy Christmas Father Christmas. At least you get the rest of the year off!   And by the way, I hope you've got my new address.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

This is my one thousandth post!

     When I started blogging in 2007 I had no idea what an important part of my life it would become. Some folk keep diaries, others journals. But my blog is nothing more than a place to record whatever is going through my mind at any particular  moment be it a story, a poem, a memory or a random thought. Some posts attract no hits at all, and the majority struggle to reach double figures. Yet others get masses of readers. For instance chapter 19 of my autobiographical series A Chequered Career has so far netted 1,890 visits whilst My FriendRosey who has a large following regularly attracts over 1000 readers to each episode. I little thing I wrote about Facebook called Our Friends are Revolting has bizarrely scored 3874 hits to date and it’s still rising!

     But that’s not what drives me to continue. For me it’s personal, and if anyone else gets pleasure from it, then that’s a bonus for me. So continue I shall. Thanks for taking the time to read this. Your support over the years has been greatly appreciated.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Written for this week's The Sunday Whirl.

Nativity plays are not what they used to be. Only one in three UK schools hold one and they are mainly only the faith based C of E or Catholic schools. They have forever been the highlight of the scholastic calender, but that's all changing now. Despite the best endeavours of traditionalists, the so called ‘lunatic left’ is winning the day. Whilst I normally try not to to tangle myself up in such debates I do have strong feelings on this particular subject.

The secular ‘holiday play’ at one local primary this year features a stage setting which resembles a scene from  Star Trek with spinning planets, dangling spacecraft: a place where angels would fear to tread!  Instead of wings and halos, the children wear oxygen tanks and helmets. There is no straw on the floor, instead they shuffle through sand. Mary has become a Martian and Joseph a Jubiterist! The animals are now robots and the wise men have become a captain and his crew.

Whether you believe in the Christmas Story or not and whatever your faith, I see no reason to shelve it. It is not performed just to spread the word, but also to entertain in the way a good fairy story does. Our children have always enjoyed Alice in Wonderland and Mary Poppins. They are hardly factual stories, but they’ve not been banned. As for Father Christmas...!

Please feel free to disagree with me; I like nothing more than a healthy debate. However, bring it on back I say

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Busy, busy, busy, busy, busy, reeeeeeelax........

What a week it has been!

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