Thursday, January 11, 2018


Post 1614. Thursday January 11

As the faithful few conclude their random rendition of All Things Bright and Beautiful, Miss Pargiter mops her brow after enduring another battle with the wheezing church organ.

Standing in his pulpit, the Reverend Caruthers silently surveys the congregation which braces itself in nervous anticipation. "Beware the temptations of the flesh" he suddenly hisses, then as the veins in his forehead bulge, he explodes, spitting like a venomous snake. “Fornication, drunkenness; let not Satan determine your destiny for the wages of sin are certain death”

Farmer Fred visibly shrinks whilst three rows back, Postmistress Poppy's cheeks glow crimson.

After ten minutes of pointing, thumping, and ranting, the sermon is over and Miss Pargiter valiantly attempts to accompany the final rousing hymn, Peace, perfect peace, in this dark world of sin.

The cue word at this week's Six Sentence Stories is Wage.


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