Sunday, January 14, 2018


Post 1615. Sunday January 14

I froze. My blood ran cold. I would never see Mummy and Daddy again. I should have said sorry for breaking the head off my sister's doll and blaming it on her friend. I should have owned up to hiding my other brothers favourite toy soldier. I’d miss my rabbit. I’d miss seeing Bill and Ben on the television tonight and pizza for supper tomorrow. My teddy would miss me. Who would look after him?

I had this book about a jungle. There were pictures of scary animals and one was a huge leopard. I always rushed past it, it really frightened me. And there I was facing one in my own back garden. Daddy said they only lived in zoos here. Why did he tell me a fib? Why was I looking into the eyes of one now? Every night before bed, I had to say my prayers. Something about keeping me safe. So, surely Mr God would shoo the leopard away. But he didn’t. It came closer and closer.

Just then Daddy came out into the garden. “What are you doing here you big fat pussycat?” he laughed. “Mrs Thomas was wondering where you had gone to!”

Word count 199

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