Sunday, February 12, 2017


Poat 1449. Sunday February 12

Sunday Photo Fiction

I was only joking.  You know what it’s like after a few beers. We were chatting in the pub, and Danny said ‘I hear John’s bought a greenhouse’.

 I said, a little too loudly, ‘Yes, he’s going to grow cannabis’

‘And sell it alongside the peanuts and crisps!’ hollered Harry.

‘The ultimate happy snack!’ chortled Charlotte.

A few heads turned our way, then toward John. John is the pub's esteemed landlord. He’s decided to try growing a few bits for the pub's kitchen; tomatoes and what-not. While I was at the bar he mentioned that all he’s managed to grow so far are weeds.

Anyway, I drove past the pub the next morning and there was a police car outside. I felt dreadful. What had I started?

I ventured back that evening with a well-rehearsed apology. At a  long table, sat a boisterous crowd tucking into a meal and drinking champagne. One of them stood and clinked a spoon against his glass. I recognised him. Seargent Jones of the local police. Actually, it was Inspector Jones. One of his colleagues had been to see John that morning and arranged a surprise get-together to celebrate his promotion.

‘Coke please John’ said I.

'You? Drinking coke? '  said he.

‘Phew’ thought I.

This week's prompt at Sunday Photo Fiction is Sascha Darlington's picture of The Eden Project in Cornwall, UK, a global garden housed in massive greenhouses the size of thirty soccer pitches.


  1. Interesting turn to the story! Good!

  2. Nicely done Keith, working the prompt in there! People are always suspicious when the police car turns up.

  3. Nice bit of humour in the story.

  4. Phew is right. You never know the impression a type a vehicle can make in your parking lot

  5. Nice that his big mouth didn't ruin anything. Good thing John was forgiving and even joking around in the end :)

  6. Great way to wrap an interesting story around a rather benign prompt word. I was afraid you were going to say that John was found dead the next morning, and the guilt from ribbing him the night before would be tremendous. Although I think good friends and neighbors expect a little good-natured banter now and then, we all need reasons to smile!

  7. That gave me a giggle. Good story there Kieth.