Monday, February 13, 2017


Post 1450. Monday February 13

Monday Letter Writing Challenge. Week 3.

This week we are writing a letter to any relative of our choice.

Dear Jamie

We had fun, didn’t we? Scrumping apples from Mr Briggs tree, knocking on Mrs Pratt’s door and running away. Remember when we used to glue coins to the pavement and laugh at people trying to pick them up? And quite how we got away with pinching all those sweets from Batty Bertha’s corner shop I’ll never know! We made the most of being identical twins, didn’t we?

Then we went in different directions. I got fed up with pranks and kiddy crime. You turned it into a career. We went from being one person in two bodies to two people with nothing in common at all.

I thought about visiting you in prison. But then I thought again and never did. Do I regret it? Maybe. Just a bit. And now it’s too late.

Remember how we used to steal flowers from the cemetery to give to girls? Just for old times sake, I took these tatty blooms from that grave over there. They are dead. Quite fitting really.

I’m leaving them along with this note in case you have more luck escaping from down there than you ever did from jail.

Sleep well Jamie



  1. Fiction, I suppose? But a really good story none the less. Two people with much in common can indeed part ways at some point in life and become almost unrecognizable to each other. I am sorry for Jack, but I loved his final parting message and stolen flowers for Jamie!

  2. An intriguing and original letter Very sad though that two lives can drift apart so far

  3. Nice twist at the end. Quite sad actually.

    Thank you for sharing your fiction(?)

    - Lisa

  4. This was sweet and sad and beautiful :-)