Sunday, June 18, 2017


Post 1552. Sunday June 18

Sunday Photo Fiction

I don’t miss much. Eagle-eyed, me. I should become a spy. I’d sit outside a café reading a newspaper with two holes cut in it to peep through. I could watch people’s reflections in shop windows. I could climb on roofs to get a good view; but then again, I don’t like heights.

What fun it would be to wear a false beard and moustache or pop a wig on my head! And I could have one of those big magnifying glasses!

I’d listen in to people’s calls and intercept their mail. I’d phone suspects with a handkerchief over the mouthpiece, and put on foreign accents. I’d have a little camera in my collar and a tape recorder in my hat!

I’d hide in wardrobes and under beds to see what mischief people are getting up to!

I could pretend to be a chauffeur and listen to secret conversations, or a cleaner so I could search through filing cabinets. I’d take photos of secret documents and take down numbers and addresses. 

I might even dress as a woman! Perhaps not!

Yes, I’d love to be a spy.

My little bit of silliness was suggested to me by this week's picture at Sunday Photo Fiction.


  1. That would be a good super power

  2. SOunds like great fun to be a spy. Unless it is with the Pink Panther theme in the background hehe.

  3. Sounds more like Maxwell Smart.

  4. I love all these cartoonish images of espionage! I really enjoy when a serious concept is done whimsically and this is a perfect example of that.

  5. I was waiting for the eagle to turn into a drone :)

  6. The sort of spy that I wish was real instead of all this online snooping these days. Good fun.

  7. Recollected my days as a kid when we used to play Spy games...and most of them were inspired by Mr. Shrelock Holmes! Even today, I wont mind doning the hat of a "Spy"...the idea itself is so thrilling!!!
    And I loved the last disguise as a lady!
    Good read!
    Anagha From Team MocktailMommies

  8. Don't know about being a spy, but more than once I've said I'd have liked to be a little mouse in the corner to hear THAT conversation! LOL

  9. Don't forget the trick telephone in your shoe! Love this!

  10. It would be okay unless you're caught. I'd like the money a movie spy like one of the 007's made. Good writing, Keith. :) --- Suzanne