Sunday, June 18, 2017


Post 1551. Sunday June 18

I have used the twelve words in the order they were given in the preview. 

They are -  whistle, touch, wheel, word, gnaws, ring, prints, apart, broken, echo, thread, and fall.

Something whistles an eerie tune.

I can’t see it, can’t touch it but I feel it. It speaks. It yells. It’s telling me not to go. But I have to go. Now.

The wheels spin on the gravel and I career down a track. It's words gnaw away at my brain. Faster, I must go faster.

My phone rings, I ignore it. I splash through a stream, engine screaming, and climb a muddy bank.

My tyres leave a print. Will it follow my tracks? Soon we will be miles apart. We will, won't we?

Soon I’ll begin to repair my broken spirit, soon.

Still, its words echo round my mind. I try not to listen. I don’t listen, but still, they are there.
 Suddenly nothing make sense. Help me thread together my thoughts.

Oh no, please no. It’s steering me, controlling me. Up and up we go. Is that a drop I see before me, a precipice?

Everything is getting slower, slower, I’m going to stop. But I don’t stop. Instead, I fall and I fall and I fall in slow motion.

Is this a dream?

Please tell me it's a dream.




  1. Whoa, dude! That is freakin' amazing! What a story!

    Impromptu Promptlings

  2. No, it is not a are in trouble! Just kidding!

  3. I hope it's just a dream doodle

  4. You build and build and then everything and everyone falls with you,


  5. This is fantastic! You whirled the words into a frenzy building tension all the way. Bravo!

    1. I'm pleased it worked - it's not my normal style! Thanks so much.

  6. Whew. I can feel the frenetic pace of this. Well done.