Sunday, June 18, 2017


Post 1550. Saturday June 17

I saw an angel yesterday – don’t laugh, I did!  Where? On top of the church tower of course. She sat with her legs dangling down. Why are you grinning? I didn’t imagine her.

I was out what?  I need to run now and again because it’s good for my knees and if you don’t take me seriously I’ll bend you over one and give you a good spanking! That’s better, thank you.

As I was saying before you rudely interrupted….what was I saying? Oh yes this girl, no, this angel was smiling at me and….what do you mean ‘how do you know she was an angel? Because she had a label on her back saying made in heaven - duh. Of course she was a bloody angel.

So I waved to her....what? Yes, I had been to the pub.....oh I give up.

My Whirligiggle uses all but one of this week's words -  running, again, knee, girl, bends, way, legs, angel, where, smiling, thank and father.

I can use the remaining one to remind my kids that it's 'Fathers' Day today!