Sunday, March 05, 2017


Post 1468 . Sunday March 5

Sunday Photo Fiction

‘Oy you’ shouted the potty-mouthed pot.

‘Who me?’ I replied.

Yea you’ it yelled.

‘What do you want? I asked.

I want you to buy me and take me home’ it said.

‘Why?’’ I asked.

‘Because I’m fed up with being surrounded by this miserable lot’ it murmured. ‘The last time one cracked a smile it fell in half’.

‘Why would I want a pot? ‘I asked.

‘I’m not a pot’ it said ‘I am a chimenea’

‘No you’re not’ I said. ‘That’s a fire-breathing she-monster from Greek mythology with a lion's head, a goat's body, and a serpent's tail‘.

‘No not a chimera, idiot’ it mocked. ’A chimenea, chim...en...ea. And by the way, I do breathe fire - while I’m cooking your burgers.’

‘I don’t eat burgers, and as for cooking al-fresco….’

I didn’t know what else to say and I could tell by the pot’s – sorry, chimenea’s glazed expression that it was getting bored with our conversation.

Oy you’ shouted the potty-mouthed pot at somebody else.

I left them to it and walked away.

Inspired by Dawn Miller's picture at Sunday Photo Fiction


  1. Glad the pot can't chase after the customers! Great fun Keith.

  2. Gregarious little soul, isn't it, that pot. Made me smile.

  3. LOL, that pot sure has a mouth on it! I'm pretty sure the fact that it talked would be a big point against it. Imagine what such a cheeky chiminea might say to my guests! Fun take, Keith.

  4. Good! Straight out of the Aladin and fairy tales. :)

  5. Potty mouth indeed! Chimeneas are common in this area, but none have that much attitude! When I grew up people who were similarly outspoken were often referred to as "crackpots"! :-)

  6. That's funny. I think of shoppers who tell of an item calling out to be purchased.

  7. Glazed expression...haha...good one!