Wednesday, March 01, 2017



Post 1467. Wednesday March 1

Three Word Wednesday

My parents always said I was naughty. Looking back, I admit I was a difficult child. I would consider myself to have been mischievous. But then mischievous to one, is naughty to another. And naughty to some is wicked to others. Disobedient? Perhaps. But if you know you are right, then why do what you are told? 
 ‘Please don't’ he whimpered as he gazed at the barrel of my 45. ‘I did nothing wrong’.

I don't  know why but I believed him. The pathetic creature quaked as I pressed my weapon to his forehead. I quaked too, for as 'mischievous' as he was, I couldn't bring myself to do something I didn't believe in. I was however, certain that my boss was an evil manipulative and sadistic bastard who would do anything to get his way. I looked over my shoulder at him, praying he would stand me down. He didn't. He nodded; the signal for me to fire.

There are times when disobedience is the honest route. I fired but not at the pitiful victim. No, I turned one hundred and eighty degrees, then pulled the trigger. 

For Three Word Wednesday where the given words are mischievous, nod and disobedience. 


  1. You are mixing with with strange company Keith. I can't imagine you as a hit man!

    1. I deceided to omit it from my series about my career!

  2. This totally reminds me of Richard Leonard Kuklinski aka The Ice Man. Gone for over ten years, he still makes an impression in old interviews - a chillingly charismatic killer.

  3. Good story, Keith - I wasn't expecting that ending.

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