Monday, March 06, 2017


Post 1469. Monday March 6

Letter Writing Challenge week 6 

A few weeks ago I lost my car.  I parked it, did my shopping, went back to the multi-storey and it was gone. Naturally, my immediate thought was that it was stolen, so I went through the usual channels – police, insurance and what not, and that was that.

Last Wednesday I opened my blinds in the morning only to see it sitting in my drive. There was a note on the dashboard apologising for any inconvenience caused, a bunch of flowers on the seat and a tank full of petrol. 'If you think a few daffodils and a drop of juice is going to fob me off, think again' I thought. The note was signed Frank, nothing more so. I came up with a plan.  I decided to send an open letter the local paper hoping they would print it and Frank would see it.  I would make him an offer he couldn’t refuse and when he responded I would nab him. Columbo, eat your heart out!

Dear Frank.

Thank you for the flowers, they are lovely. Also for the fuel. That was very nice of you. Mainly of course, thanks for bringing my car back. If you would like to get in touch via the newspaper I’ll refund you the amount you paid to get it out of the car park.


It was printed Saturday. 'Right Franky boy' I thought, 'I am ready and waiting'. Actually, I’m still waiting. I wonder if I should have offered him something more tempting.

For this week's Twelve Weeks of Letter Writing Challenge where we are writing to a stranger who was nice to us.



  1. are you kidding? Great story either way!

  2. Very clever! I'm certainly hoping this was fiction, but I loved the plan to meet up with this thief. In the city near where I live the police often use such tactics, sending invitations to events to people that have outstanding warrants, then when they show up, they are arrested! :-)

  3. LOL....this was a wonderful laugh that I sorely needed tonight!!
    Thank you!

    - Lisa

  4. Hehehe this was such a cute letter.
    Thanks for participating