Wednesday, July 22, 2015

The bracelet

At this week’s Three Word Wednesday the given words are metallic, optimal and polished. 

‘It’s a fine piece' said the expert as he gently polished the platinum, gold and jewel encrusted bracelet that he held in his hand. ‘How does eight thousand six hundred pounds sound?’ Bert broke out in a contented smile as they shook on the deal.


It started out as the perfect partnership; a marriage made in heaven. But before long Martha had changed. She became distrustful of Bert, falsely claiming that he was lying, cheating, and deceiving her. Bert was getting towards breaking point. He had to do something.

 It all came to a head when Martha accused Bert of stealing her precious bracelet; an heirloom handed down from generation to generation and rarely seen outside their house.

That was when Bert walked away from the marital home.

Five years passed. Martha was a creature of habit and had visited her sister every Monday evening. She still did. It was mid-winter, pitch black and still outside, the optimal conditions that Bert had been waiting for. He waited close by the house, then watched as Martha drove away. 

Dressed in his darkest clothes, he removed a small trowel from the rear of his car and made his way to the gate. Once in the garden he started carefully digging a hole at the base of Martha's prized willow tree. The trowel touched a metallic object.

The perfectly preserved bracelet was exactly where he’d buried all those years ago. 'Served her right' he muttered to himself.



  1. Replies
    1. ......hoping it would have been forgotten! Thanks for dropping by.

  2. Looks like Martha was right all along! Bad Bert.

  3. terrible of him to steal from her that way

    good story though

    much love...

    1. He just wanted to get his own back, and he did!

  4. Well her assessment of him was right. She probably thought he stole it five years ago and thought that was a bargain to get rid of him. Now the real catch might be that she reported it stolen way back and now that it has turned up he'll get his just reward. Well that certainly set my mind going!

  5. He had got his 1) revenge and 2) profited from it. It shouldn't be a double whammy against her. He had got 1) satisfaction, that's all that he was entitled to. He should give the proceeds to her under some pretext as she had lost a family heirloom which was bad enough. Then it would exhibit a principled man prompted by emotions for doing what he did but not a crook!


  6. Intriguing story, well told.

  7. as always an interesting take on the prompts

  8. That's a very specific amount of cash..about £1.5K a year..ah but it's not the cash it's stealing the Queens crown - we dig that!

  9. Well told Story!
    Enjoyed reading it.

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