Saturday, March 18, 2017


Post 1479. Saturday March 18

The Sunday Whirl

I moved here yesterday. Nice, isn’t it? Très petit et chic as the say en France! A pretty view across the village green to the church, see? The clock bell woke me every hour last night but I’ll soon get used to it. That path down there leads to the pub. They’re holding a disco tonight, so I thought I might pop down and boogie with my new neighbours. Yea!

I took off my shoes when I arrived yesterday. Unwise. I got a splinter from a floor board in my left foot then soon after, trod on a mouse trap with my left one. So if you wonder why I’m waddling like a penguin you know why. Whatever happens. I must not wear my white and orange sweater tonight!

I need to arrange the furniture this morning and unpack my bags. Fancy giving me a hand?

This week's words at The Sunday Whirl are penguin, after, bag, green, board, furnish (furniture), mouse, tray (très), lead, disc (disco), bell, and orange.


  1. You are quite adept Keith in writing pieces about misfortunes. I hope that is not the real you! Incidentally what happened to Rosey?

    1. Happily not! Rosey is behaving herself at the momment so there's little of interest to report!

  2. Diverting, indeed. I like the innovative conversions.

  3. Clever weaving of the words, Keith! I suspect this is a bad omen for his life in the new town, things aren't starting out well at all!

  4. (clap.clap.clap) Oh, maybe that's the wrong sort of hand...