Wednesday, February 08, 2017


Post 1444. Wednesday February 8

Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers

Let me read it to you!

"Who’ll win this year?” asked Marigold.

The genteel ladies of the Azalea Avenue gardening club were sitting in a circle nibbling Heather’s fairy cakes and sipping jasmine tea. The upmarket street was famed for its flower-filled front gardens, but beneath the apparent camaraderie lay deep-seated rivalry. Tomorrow they would each pluck blooms from their borders and display them in a fancy marquee on the green halfway down the street.

“Daisy may win again,” said Violet trying to conceal the snarling resentment within.

“Rose’s petunias stand a chance” suggested Primrose.

“What about my dahlias?” asked Poppy. 
Just then the truck delivering the marquee rumbled down the street. They all dashed outside and started directing the driver as he attempted to reverse onto the green.

“Back” said Lilac.

“Left” bellowed Blossom.

“Forward” suggested Petal.

No-one admits it, it’s pretty certain that the to-ing 'n fro-ing was a deliberate attempt to sabotage Daisy’s chances of winning again. It will take her years to restore her borders after the carnage caused by the truck’s twisting and spinning wheels.

The picture prompt at this week's Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers is provided by Mike Vore


  1. Oh no! How mean of the "flower" ladies! They sabotaged Daisy's chance to win. They are just a bunch of prickly old women! LOL! Cute story, Keith!

  2. Lol! Deeply rooted jealousy leads to destruction in many ways. You kept a light, fun tone while also touching on a serious issue. I could picture it so well. Excellent job!

  3. The 'fairer' sex can be vicious. I can actually see this happening. Well done.

  4. What a nasty group of women! Competition is fierce in gardening apparently. Great fun Keith.

    1. Tell me about it! You should live in my road! Cheers Iain

  5. Hi Keith - as your other commenters have noted - selfish (to be polite) ladies ... how cruel people can be ... loved hearing the story line read. Poor Daisy! Cheers Hilary

  6. Love your take on this one. Great write.

    1. Thank you you so much for your generous words

  7. LOL :) good take on the prompt.. Competition's everywhere huh!