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Post 1446. Saturday February 11

Sunday Scribblings 2

They were ecstatic. The midwife studied the scan and said they were to have the baby girl they desperately wanted. But the outcome was so different.
Jasmine looked so pretty in her flowery dress and pink ribbons; who would know she was actually a little boy. Even when he went to school his true gender went undiscovered. Until that is, the day the eight-year-old played doctors and nurses, the way young children do.

Jason as he became, was taken into care and moved to a boy's school some distance away. He had a series of foster parents, none of which could help him adjust to his new identity. 

That was fifteen years ago.
Jasmine looks so pretty in her flowery dress and pink ribbons as she struts across the stage entertaining her adoring audience in the city’s famous Pride Bar.

The prompt word at this week's Sunday Scribblings 2 is Outcome


  1. Such a heart wrenching possibility. For all my teenage angst I'm thankful to have never suffered gender confusion. Some of my fantasy short stories address this in paranormal form. Beautifully written.

  2. Hi Keith - there are many out there ... difficult to understand and comprehend. Seems like Jasmine found her place in life ... I did enjoy the film Pride - giving us all a view of life around the Miners Strike and times and the people struggling as Jasmines or Jasons ... very evocative. Very well written ... cheers Hilary

  3. You took a difficult subject and wove it into a read that everyone could understand. My heart goes out to all the Jasmines/Jasons in the world who are struggling to find the place where they can belong. In this case one must wonder if it was Jason's parents that devised to make him Jasmine or if he was predestined to be Jasmine all along.

  4. It is curious that so many cannot accept the chosen sexuality of others. Hopefully a few more years and we will be more tolerant.



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