Saturday, December 03, 2016

Sunday's Whirligig

Posted Saturday December 3 2016

For goodness sake stop whinging you silly  old fool. You are not going to die (cross fingers behind back)

Ninety-five is nothing these days (double cross fingers behind back) Languidity comes to us all as time goes by (is that actually a word?)

All this nonsense about the autumn of your life, your aching back, your suffering - oh how you are suffering (place back of hand upon brow and speak in a theatrical fashion)

Obviously, the loss of your wife was a bit unfortunate but there’s no point in longing for the past. Life goes on (hopefully) and there are plenty more fish in the ocean (like that old trout down the pub last that hinted she was ready and willing to be netted!)

Come on ‘ole mate, you are exceptional... for your age (whoops, shouldn’t have brought the age thing up again, best change subject)

Right, we going down the Red Lion. It’s your round by the way (I don’t like leaving a session when it’s his round next, you may never get it!)

Come on pal, don’t pretend you are dozing off (give him a nudge) Hey matey, don’t fall asleep on me now (give him a gentle shake ) Albert  fella’ come on. Albert, wake up....Albert....Albert...Albert!  Oh blast.

For this week's Sunday's Whirligig  where the given words are languid, autumn, coming, loss, exceptional, outline, hinted, back, more, die, suffer and longing,



  1. Well Albert chose the best time to go before his turn to buy the next round. I expect his wife was calling him.

  2. 95 is a good age! the internal dialogue is a little sobering.. i hope we go around friends who don't expect another round before we peg it ;)

  3. Hi Keith - obviously no trip to the pub!! Fun whirligig ... made me laugh ... cheers Hilary

  4. Well done. It's poignant and humorous at the same time.