Sunday, December 04, 2016

The Sunday Whirl

Posted Sunday December 4 2016

I popped out to my car to collect a stack of files. Before I went to bed I had to prepare for another boring anatomy class at uni. The door closed with a loud clunk behind me. Strange I thought. I staggered back dropping a couple of the student’s folders as I went; I really should have made two trips!

I tried to open the door, dropping a load more files in the process , but it wouldn’t budge. I pushed and heaved, but nothing. The deadlock was on. How? I didn’t lock it and my keys were indoors. I could just make out chattering from inside. But I live alone. I walked to the window and peered through a gap in the net curtain. The main light was off. Odd. There were bright shafts of torch light creating weird wandering patterns on the floor. Suddenly the beams shot upward illuminating a dozen ghastly faces, their bulging eyes staring straight at me. They started screeching.

The doctor says I imagined it. I didn’t though. Honestly, I didn't. You believe me, don’t you? He won’t let me leave. I’m not even sure where I am.  There are weird people wandering around. I don’t like it here. Let me go. Please? Please? Let me go.

Written for The Sunday Whirl where the given words are chatter, dead, door, back, heave, screeching, reload, files, anatomy, light, net and patterns.



  1. It sounds as though you told your doctor too much and should have merely called the locksmith. Do you want flowers or chocolates when I visit?

  2. The eyes playing tricks again! Great imagery Keith! There are times one dreads seeing them in reality when coming home in the dark!


  3. I literally have chills all up and down my arms. The title set the mood right off, too. Another gem!