Friday, December 02, 2016


Posted Friday December 2 2016

It grieves me to put these words to paper but write them I must. No longer can I conceal my deceitful ways. Shed no tears, rather rejoice in the knowledge that you are saved from living in the shadow of my despicable and devious behaviour.

She read no further and tossed the letter aside. A smile, the first for many a long day broke across her face.

Time now to settle her debt with the lascivious creature she had employed to firstly seduce him then threaten to expose his shady deeds. lt was well earned, for their wicked scheme had proved eminently worthy. At last, she could shed the shackles of their tedious marriage and release the flibbertigibbet within her; join the bohemians and dance the boards for the titillation of gentlemen under the bright lights of the city beyond. She was free.

Inspired by this week's photo from Louise at The Storytellers Abode  for Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers 



  1. Seems she has employed someone to seduce her husband so she could be free! She sounds like a very manipulative woman. Great story, Keith!

  2. Ah a clever and devious lady Great story

  3. Oh, a clever plan Keith.
    Nicely written Keith :)

  4. a clever plan indeed :) nice write, Keith :)

  5. That's brilliant! I love it. She's quite the clever woman. At last she can fully experience her inner tart. I love the language in this one. Quite convincingly Victorian.

  6. Clever story.

  7. Oh wow!
    Hope it doesn't come back to bite her.

  8. Very well done. I like her. ~grin~ Thanks for sharing.