Sunday, November 13, 2016

Sunday Photo Fiction

 Posted Sunday November 13

Wandering between rows of trucks at the motorway service area, he was looking to hitch a ride to another life. It was just a couple of days since he’d carried his new wife over the threshold of their apartment. Only it wasn’t their apartment. He’d managed to get some keys to an empty property and told her it was his. Nobody knew where he was taking her, least of all her.  A surprise he said.

She was already unconscious when he dragged her up the stairs. Leaving her to breathe her last, he wandered out into the night, not needing a wife on the honeymoon he was about to embark upon.

Had anybody found her yet? Right then he didn’t care as he was riding shotgun in a truck heading for the ferry terminal. He was unrecognisable. Always proud of his long wavy hair and designer glasses, he was now completely bald, and seemingly able to see unaided.

A couple of hours later he was in the queue at Dover buying a ticket to France and a new future; a future where money would never again be a problem. Suddenly he felt a tap on his shoulder. He slowly turned his head then gasped. 
This was not possible……was it?

Inspired by this week's picture at Sunday Photo Fiction


  1. Good take Keith, a lot of intrigue in this one. Was it the wife who had caught up with him or someone else entirely?

  2. I'm thinking it had to be the wife and I'm betting his coloring just turned to ashy gray!

  3. Great ending, leaving us in suspense!

  4. Did the wife come back?
    Did someone recogonize him?
    Was it the cops?
    I want to know the ending

  5. Great way to finish. Not knowing who it was is a good cliffhanger.

  6. Interesting tale. I'm wondering why he's running. Why he even bothered to get married at all. So did the wife catch up with him? I think he only thought he'd killed her. Great write!