Friday, September 23, 2016

Sunday's Whirligig

Posted Saturday September 24

It was a scorching day and several of us where attempting to chill in the Bicycle Arms’ garden.

‘Did you hear what Katy did?’ panted a breathless Rosey as he rushed up to us. By the excited look on her face I guessed she was busily spreading the hottest news of the day.

‘Who’s Katy?’ asked Jim.

‘You know’ said Rosey ‘Katy the former’.

‘Former?’ I said.

‘Yes’ said Rosey ‘She used to be a farmer but she’s not any more’

We all groaned and grinned assuming it to be a joke. The confused look on Rosey’s face suggested it wasn’t.

 ‘So, what did Katy do?’ someone asked.

‘ know...err...stole something from the supermarket’ said Rosey hopping from foot to foot.

‘Oh my gourd!’ muttered Posh Poppy.

‘Katy?’  intervened a chap slouched at the next table. ‘Surely not’

Rosey started rummaging through her bag scattering its contents all over the place.

‘What are looking for Rosey’ asked Jim.

‘My hay fever capsules’ she said‘ ‘I’ve had a pollen overload’ 

'An excitement overload more like' chuckled Charlie.

'Aaa...chooo! Ewww, sorry Sam. Oh dear, you can't drink that. I'd better  get you fresh one' 

That was a week ago. It seems that Katy inadvertently failed to pay for one item in her basket at the self service checkout. Rosey was there at the time and watched from a distance as a security guard approached Katy. Needless to say, my friend Rosey jumped to the wrong conclusion. Apparently it was all sorted out amicably and Rosey bought Katy a large Chardonnay and a packet of salt and vinegar crisps by way of apology!

For Sunday's Whirligig where this week's given words are - spreading, hops, gourd, capsules, pollen, hottest, crooked, former, intervene, shoplifting, katydids and scorched.

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  1. Just wait til I see you Mister H!

    1. Lololol you're in for it now, Keith! Watch your step. The internet is a dangerous place to be.

    2. Certainly is 'Wynn! I'm off to hide!

  2. You are the king of word play - quite how you managed to used the words without any agricultural forays is impressive - Alice got a bit ruffled by the thought of Katy stealing the limelight ;)

    1. Why thank you kindly Jae. I'm trying to imagine Alice at the Bike with us. Not sure it would be a good idea!

  3. What will Katy do next? Sorry this took me back a hundred years or so when an American author wrote some childrens books which were popular even when I was a kid.

    1. Susan Coolidge 1886 if my memory - sorry, Wikapedia serves me correctly! Well spotted by the way. I wondered if anyone would.

  4. cool take, Keith :)

  5. Do tell me that there was no excessive imbibing of wine. ~grin~ That Rosey...