Sunday, September 18, 2016

The Sunday Whirl

Posted Sunday September 18

We are not fooled by your guise sir. ‘Tis you, as certain as 'tis day. Try as you might sir, we have your number. For ‘twas you that laid the straw; that set the fire this Spring past.

Poor Ned still bears the scars of that dreadful day. Though smitten by your jagged rock then gagged and bound, he writhed free. Champion though he be, he had not the means to quench the terpsichorous flames that cruelly robbed him of his dwelling place, his wife, his beloved family.

You imagined we would not discern you sir. Did you not? How wrong could you have been? For you, deplorable sir, the die was cast that fateful day. And now, the nethermost depths of your repugnant basket are reached. ‘Tis us who will strike the final blow; 'tis us.

Take this.....sir!

The Sunday Whirl. This week's given words are basket, deplorable, fire, spring, straw, us,writhe, smite, try, guise, champion and dye



  1. Ouch - especially those terpsichorous flames! A sizzling flash

    1. A bit of nonsense to get me back writing again!

    2. A good blaze of imagination, and clever transformation of the dye to one of different hue!

  2. Nice to read your writing again, Keith.

  3. Enjoyed this, Keith. Very imaginative. Nice to 'see' you again.

  4. Glad to see you back writing Keith. From your story it sounds as though you've been back the past with Dr. Who and had some fun writing this piece.

  5. I love the writing style which well befits the story, and a terrible tale it is!