Saturday, September 24, 2016

The Sunday Whirl

Posted Saturday September 24

It was a blind date. After all, I was free so I thought ‘why not?’ I was to meet Emma at a party. ‘It will be a scream' her text said. 'You’ll love it’

Standing outside the warehouse for a minute or two, I heard jangling music and merry laughter from within. Time to enter.

I pushed open the heavy metal door. The music stopped. I saw nothing, just blackness. I heard nothing but my heart pounding in my chest. Suddenly a beam of light shot toward me assaulting my eyes. I found myself creeping forward into the darkness. 

The door slammed closed behind me. A second dazzling shaft illuminated a macabre figure in a tailcoat seated at a piano, top hat upon his head and white gloved hands hovering above the keys. His ashen painted features faced me, bloodshot black-rimmed eyes staring into mine. His crimson mouth broke into a menacing toothless smile.

Another beam, and another creature stood before me; doll-like with little blonde pigtails tied with pink ribbons, a white face with blushing cheeks and little red rosebud lips. She tripped from foot to foot throwing petals from a basket into the air. 

'Emma? Is that... you?' I stammered. The lights went out. She disappeared. The pianist disappeared. I disappeared,

Someone unseen grabbed my arms, another my shoulders. I realised I was surrounded. They tugged and pushed and I tried to resist but then submitted. I found myself standing before a glowing crystal pot of swirling water. Somehow  I knew what I had to do. I rinsed my face and bathed my hands, then wandered into the pitch-black yonder. 

I’m holding a party tonight. Why don’t you come? It will be a scream, you’ll love it.

For The Sunday Whirl where the given words are - scream, date, will, mess, after, chest, you, rinse, submit, ashes, pot and free



  1. Woo ... I'm glad I'm outside - I think I'll stay here thank you. Riveting telling though - what a creative mind ... cheers Hilary

  2. May we politely take some time to consider that invitation - superb story telling as always Keith - and thanks for the add also

    1. Consider it an open invitation, though I'm not sure what Alice would make of it

  3. All the Emma's in my life have been like that, I could have warned you! Great story Keith.

  4. Macabre indeed! Some party.
    Red rosebud lips, I presume?

  5. Yikes, that was a well-built level of intensity with plenty left to the imagination!

  6. Yowza! I'm reminded oddly of the strange movie "Eyes Wide Shut" from many years ago. Well done.