Saturday, February 27, 2016

The Sunday Whirl

Posted Saturday February 27

This week's 12 given words are scarlet, group, run, bell, touch, jump, threat, cross, dream, mist, kiss and enough.

Our feet are bare but the forest floor is as soft as lambs wool. Look up there. The mist looks like a ghost, doesn't it? It's floating, drifting, tickling the tree tops.

Hey, a busy bubbly stream. Watch it go! Let's touch it, let the shimmering ripples kiss our fingers. That's nice. There's a group of wiggly fish, do you see? Just there. No, there. Silver. See? Let's jump to the other side. Shall we? Shall we? Ready steady….weeee. What fun, such fun! If only dreams were like this!

What are you looking at? No, not you silly! Over there. Her. That girl with scarlet curls in a gossamer gown. She is staring at us. She looks cross. I wonder why? We are no threat to her. Are we? Hello girl. Hello. She has a little gold bell. Do you see it? She's ringing it. Do you hear it? Ting-a-ling ting-a-ling. I think we should leave, don't you? Let's run. Come on, run, run! 

That's it. I've had enough merriment for one day. How about you? Let's go. Race you. Come on.

Picture by Issisch Neider at deviantART



  1. fun and scary I would say :-)

  2. Chuckles! Young innocents tend to be extra careful when one can be misconstrued as stalking!. Great story Keith!


  3. Ooh we are clapping our hands with glee and Alice is magicking up some whose scared... ;)

  4. What joy to walk with bare feet on the forest floor & to reach down and touch such a bubbling stream! Always nice to read your words, Keith!

  5. Love the imagery. Makes me remember all those hikes through the woods that brought comfort,


  6. My childhood memories are filled with such experiences wading barefoot in a stream, jam jar in hand hoping to catch a tiddler, ohhing and ahhing on the stony bottom but darned if I ever saw a girl with scarlet girls and gossamer gown. You have all the luck!

  7. I agree with the others Keith, vivid imagery - scary in a good way ...

  8. Cute little story and I love the photo. Have a great week!

  9. I love short stories because my attention span is that of a toddler. :P
    That is one amazing read.

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