Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Three Word Wednesday

Posted Wednesday February 17

This week's given words are fearful, engulf and grimace.

A crowded street. Strangers hustling, shuffling, pacing as if no one but them exists. Then slow motion. Everything  blurred, unfocused. One face, a distant face breaks through the haze. Staring eyes, a grimace. Threatening. He feels fearful, frightened, engulfed by trepidation. Then realisation. A shiny shop window. His own reflection. 



  1. love how it turns out to be his own reflection

  2. A witty take Keith! One is so engrossed with no worries that this can be expected to happen


  3. windows are like carnival mirrors at your head you are at least twenty years younger and not completely hideous..then turn a corner in Marks and Sparks and it's Halloween (I speak for myself of course)

  4. I hate the truthfulness of mirrors and windows. The hall of mirrors at the funfair used to be so much fun but every mirror is like that for me now!

  5. That happens when you get older, you wonder who that guy could possibly be.

  6. Great snippet! I really liked the surprise ending in such a concise piece.