Wednesday, February 11, 2015

and a crowd looked on.......

Written for this week's Three Word Wednesday where our given words are Devious Frown and Venomous.

He was yelling at her, she was shrieking back spitting venomous expletives from her twisted lips.

And a crowd looked on.

Stabbing a finger towards her he called her a devious, deceitful scheming bitch.

She placed her hands on her waist, and stared him in his angry eyes. She broke into a sarcastic smirk.

And the crowd watched.

frown wrinkled his brow as he stood waiting for the next insult to burst from her foul mouth.

 Nothing, so he stuck one finger in the air and turned to walk away.

And the crowd held its breath

Suddenly she whipped a glistening blade from beneath her blood stained coat and leaped at him.

And the stunned crowd gasped.

10 minutes later

“Coming down the Dog and Duck for a drink Lucy?”

“Yea, why not John. Just want to make sure I get all this bloody make up off properly”

“Pun intended Lucy?”

"Actress yes, comedienne? ..naa! Ready?"


  1. What's a little stage blood between friends?

  2. nice misdirection
    you devious devil


  3. LOL love how you made us think that was a murder in real life when it was a play.

  4. I like the twist- When I read 10 min later- I expected interrogation or someone on the run.

  5. A play about a woman scorned? Love the ending pun.

  6. you got me there for a while... the ending is perfect.

  7. Whew! Thought it was for real! Very dramatic Keith!


  8. Applause applause from these pie eaters in the back row ;)

  9. Lucky you, and your mother, just goes to show mothers can be so wise!