Friday, October 26, 2012

Weekend whinge # 2

Welcome to this weeks curmudgeonly rant! 
Unsociable behavior in public

Where do I start? I know!  Smokers! Now I’m honestly not trying to be holier than thou here. Whilst I’m not a habitual smoker, I admit to enjoying the odd cigar. However, I would never walk along a busy street filling the air around me with my second hand smoke. There is for me nothing worse than walking behind somebody who is smoking. It is so inconsiderate to make everyone around you become involuntary passive smokers. And what about people walking along texting? I’m sick of having to move out of their way. I was however very amused a few days ago when I saw a texter walked into a lamppost! Last week I was pushing my full shopping trolley through the supermarket when a texter walked straight towards me. I decided not to change course and was delighted when she walked straight into my shopping! Whilst talking about supermarkets, why do people suddenly start walking backwards or swing their carts around to change direction without looking around them? I wouldn’t call myself a dog lover, but I have no objection to them in principle. However I do get very annoyed when someone walks towards me with one of those extending leads and doesn’t bother to wind it in as we are about to pass. The creature either tries to trip you up by shuffling around your feet, or it goes the wrong side of you necessitating a quick hop skip and jump to avoid getting tangled up. And what about people getting on the bus with a steaming hot dog or burger? Whilst it may smell fabulous to the person who is about to sink his or her gnashers into it, it’s no so pleasant to those sitting in the adjacent seats. And what about people who stop the bus, and clamber on without having sorted out some money with which to pay or fished out their bus pass from their bags or pockets? Sometimes they take ages whilst we all sit there wondering if we are ever to get going again. And don’t start me on hissing i-Pads. Grrr!!! Well, that’s enough for this week. See you next Friday for another whinge!

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