Sunday, October 21, 2012

Life's a song.........

 Written for Carry On Tuesday

Some once said ‘Life’s a song – sing it’. It got me thinking. Very few of us are blessed with the ability to sing completely in tune, and perfect pitch is a quality possessed by but the chosen few. But most of try to belt out a tune now and again whether it be in the pub on karaoke night or in the shower using the spray head as a mic. That’s like life, isn’t it? We try, but no matter how much effort we put into it we don’t always get it right. And songs mirror life. They can be melancholy or uplifting, funny or sad. There was a song doing the rounds many years ago by a band called the New Squeakers (or something like that). In it they said that they wanted to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony. A noble aspiration, but sadly one which will probably never be achieved. On that note, or the closest one you can get to it, let’s all sing a song. Now, where did I put my earplugs?

Picture Singing a scream by ReverseMirror at deviantART


  1. If you heard me sing, it would bring tears to your eyes, but not in a good way! Thanks for sharing your thoughts and the prompt.

  2. you're right. just because we love doing something, doesn't mean we'll get it right. but sometimes, just for the love of it, do it, do it loud. oh, here are your earplugs...

  3. when my daughter was little, if i started singing along to the car radio, she would turn the volume up. doesn't mean we can't sing when we're alone if we want to though!

  4. LOL.... My teen thinks she is the best singer in the the shower..or, when she's wearing ear buds and she forgets how loud she singing because she can't hear... too funny. If I sing.. she asks me not to!! LOL
    Thanks for the chuckles Keith.



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