Friday, October 19, 2012

Weekend whinge # 1

I’ve decided to have a regular curmudgeonly rant here at the Ramblings. I’ll start with one of my pet hates.

Men’s Urinals

There was time when chap’s urinals were separated from each other by porcelain partitions. This however is fast becoming something of the past, as in newly installed latrines, the yawning orifices invariably stand side by side without a divider in sight. Not only did these barriers allow a certain amount of privacy, they also avoided the problem of peripheral spray from adjoining urinals being used by fellow dischargers in a particularly enthusiastic fashion. Worse still, many newly invested gentleman’s facilities feature a continuous stainless steel wall beneath which flows a frothing gulley. These are to be avoided at all costs. Now I'm not a great fan of the Health and Safety Department, but they have seriously overlooked this potential threat to the male population's salubrity. It’s really not good enough.

Weekend Whinge # 2 HERE


  1. LOL!!!!!!!!!!! Thank goodness we don't need to stand to pee!!! I'd hate to be sprayed by the man who can't keep it still heheheheheheehhe Here's a woman's dilema, you might enjoy reading about LOL

  2. Well, I don't frequent men's public washrooms mind you but I thought the urinals were always side by side..., at least they are in the movies. I never could understand men's particular need to show off to other men, ;)

  3. My prob with the porcelain was it was cold when the old fella was produced to release a wee.
    I now use the cubicles.