Sunday, September 19, 2010

The lucky fishermen and the surprised duck!

This weeks prompt on Writers Island is Fisherman. I offer you a little piece of nonsense - with apologies to Edward Lear!

Two weatherworn fishermen went to sea
In a battered old sea-blue boat
One wore a pullie and a hat that was woolie
The other a waterproof coat

One looked up at the clouds in the sky
The other looked down at the net
It started to rain and the waves rose up high
And they both got terribly wet.

Fisherman one said to fisherman two
I’ll think we’ll head for the shore
We’ve had a good catch, let’s batten the hatch
I doubt that we’ll land any more.

The wind it did blow and the sea it did swell
The boat was about to capsize
A vision of hell, they were feeling unwell
And then they were dealt a surprise!

A huge hand came down and scooped up the boat
They couldn’t believe their good luck
It plonked them plop down in a pond in the town
And startled the swans and a duck!

The sea-blue boat in calmer waters! Actually its a photo I took on a Greek island a few weeks ago and I thought this was a good chance to use it!

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  1. Your fisherman were lucky
    They landed on a lake
    Where roamed a gentle duck
    Not a crotchety old drake

  2. Love the rollicking rhythms and fun rhymmes in your poem! Good one!

  3. This is delightful, I absolutely loved it!

  4. ...thaz the best fish story i ever heard.... glad you could use the foto... there's nothing like the mediterranean sea... pescador

  5. perfect pace,
    lovely piece.