Friday, September 17, 2010

Breaking News - Tooth Fairies to Strike

An angry fairy after yesterdays meeting between the Fairy Godmother and the union officials

Today the fairy’s newspaper Flutter is carrying a report about looming industrial action by one of their largest groups, the Tooth Fairies. Their official trade body, the Union of Fairies also known as UNFAIR said this morning that the Fairy Godmother is planning to cut the number of fairies that are deployed in tooth collecting duties. A spokesfairy for the tooth collectors told the paper that the proposed cuts would not only put many of their group out of a job, but the workload of those remaining would be unreasonably increased.
They are also concerned that a gap in the tooth market would be created which would give the Bad Fairies a chance to fly into this lucrative market and undercut the amount that is currently paid for children’s teeth.

UNFAIR is making a series of demands which if not met will result in a withdrawal of labour. They include a proposal to keep the number of Tooth Fairies the same as at present whilst accepting a reduction in the number of working hours. The union says that the Fairy Godmother’s plan would leave the service operating on a wing and a prayer

The Tooth Fairies also have the support of the Fairy Dust Sprinklers who are concerned that a similar plan will shortly be announced for them. The Flower Fairies however declined to comment although the Flutter understands that they are about to whisper their concerns about the increasing number of workers suffering from hay fever and other pollen related conditions. 

My contribution to this weeks prompt at (Fiction)Friday - 'Why did the Tooth Fairy fail to deliver coins one evening?'


  1. Very humorous, and a great opening for a child book! One thing for sure this generation cold learn how to get organized. Love the idea!

    Hugs Giggles

  2. Hilarious.

    It sounds like some of the recent stories about teacher strikes and school districts cutting back.

    I especially liked: "would leave the service operating on a wing and a prayer"

  3. I like how this reads as a news article. Interesting take.

  4. so love this one Keith You are so creative Thanks for reporting on issues around the fairies as I am a fairy fan

  5. This was so original and well written and little touches like Flower Fairies with pollen allergies just made it even better.

  6. Hilarious and you found the perfect angry fairy picture for it. :)

  7. LOL, thanks for filling in the gaps in this news story :)

  8. Nice one Keith, love the angry fairy pic too!

  9. "A gap in the tooth market" - Brilliant!



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