Friday, June 04, 2010

A special piece of music

Most of us have a special piece of music. A piece with touches the very depth of our soul and transports us far away from the stresses and pressure of our crowded lives. It may last just a couple of minutes, but to sit back with closed eyes as it wraps us in a soft blanket of peace and tranquility is a moment in time well spent.

Mozart died in 1791 before he completed his Requiem Mass in D Minor. One of the last movements he composed was the brief yet hauntingly beautiful Lacrimosa, my special piece of music.

So, what is yours?


  1. Indeed beautiful. Nearly all Andrea Bocelli's touch me and I bumped into an amazing piece from a pianist named Maksim I will put it on my blog this week

  2. I'm with Marja, Andre Bocelli's Time to say goodbye is one of my favorites and I love the Gypsy Kings Music if you like a Latin Flavor, But I truly enjoy Neil Diamond