Monday, May 31, 2010

Still Life

Pashley Manor was built in 1543. It remains today a family home which sits in eleven acres of gardens surrounded by glorious uninterrupted countryside on the borders of Sussex and Kent

It currently holds the coveted Christie's Garden of the Year award and is described as being one of the finest gardens in England.

The tulips which put on such a wonderful display last month have now faded and it will be a few weeks before the roses come into their glory

Right now the gardens are providing a stunning backdrop to an exhibition of about 150 pieces of modern sculpture all of which are trying to attract purchasers

Take a walk with me and look at just a few of the pieces I would buy If I could afford them
(Prices in USD)

Piggy back. Mary Cox. $2700

Reading Chaucer. Philip Jackson. POA

Not titled or credited $250

Lucretzia V. Lou Johns. $1300

Dreamer. Kate Denton. $4100

Bulls Head with plinth. Kate Denton. $4100

Jack Frost Creeping. Graeme Lougher. $2300

Skittles With Scarletti. Philip Jackson. POA

The Little Flautist. Mary Crow. $3400

Leaf form. Peter Clarke $800

Family. Bob Allen. $4400

Mr Bennet's Daughter. Philip Jackson. POA

Freeflow. Bob Allen $9100

That's it! I could have easily gone on and on posting pictures but I had to stop somewhere!


  1. What a lovely house, gorgeous gardens and great art. I would love to have the piggy back

  2. i certainly enjoyed my stroll through this garden...