Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Walking to work

What a difference a few days make!

Last weeks Prime Minister Gordon Brown and his predecessor Tony Blair never travelled anywhere unless cocooned inside a bullet proof Jaguar escorted by no less than six motor cycle outriders in an American style motorcade.

Today was new Prime Minister David Cameron’s first day in parliament and he walked there! He was accompanied by just two discreet body guards and surrounded by tourists!

He apparently said that to be sped through the streets of London ‘presidential-style’ would be pure ostentation!

Good on you Dave!


  1. Excellent! I hope he continues to surprise.

  2. Ah a good example that is

  3. He seems to be heading in the right direction! Keep it up.

  4. that's super! Im guesssing the woman in pink is one of the body guards?

  5. How long will it last?

    I didn't know Rosey was a bodyguard!

  6. lets see him do that now. hahahahaha