Sunday, May 23, 2010

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It was hot today, very hot, so I decided to take a walk in the forest under the shade of the trees. But I didn’t just go to any old forest! I went to the National Pinetum!

The Pinetum features over 100,000 trees and flowering shrubs.

Its claim to fame is that it has the most complete collection of conifers in the world with 7 specimens of each all at different ages to provide a continuing genetic resource.

The result is stunning, particularly in the spring when the trees are set off by hundreds of brightly coloured azaleas and rhododendrons.

There are mighty pines reaching high into the deep blue sky

There are tiny conifers hugging the ground

And all around blossoms abound!

I'll return in the Autumn. It'll look very different then!


  1. Keith this is gorgeous and it looks like a place for a good walk and rest. Communing with nature kind of leaves one awestruck.

    Very lovely

  2. Was there a PinT at the end?

  3. Oh what a gorgous place in such a wonderful time of the year. Hope you get many more of these days

  4. Gorgeous and delightful scenes!

  5. You always go to the coolest places great pics keith.

  6. Keith...My heart leaped and my eyes danced with joy! Superb photos! Peggy Jo