Sunday, August 09, 2009

We think we know.....

.This weeks prompt on Carry On Tuesday is the opening sentence from The Story of a Marriage by Andrew Sean Greer. 'We think we know the ones we love'
We think we know the ones we love. But do we really? Can you put your hand on your heart and say that there’s not one part of your life you’ve kept to yourself? Can you be certain there’s not one little detail tucked away in the recesses of your loved ones mind that you will never be party to?

Can you imagine what would happen if we held an amnesty on deeply held secrets? Suppose that on one particular day everyone in the world told their partners something that they‘d kept to themselves!
As for me, I’m all for secrets. They keep you your toes. I certainly believe that there would be far fewer successful relationships if everyone was wholly truthful with each other.

Perhaps I was always too honest. Just maybe that’s where I went wrong.

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  1. Keith, until this summer I thought I knew the "inner recesses" (or however you put it)of some loved ones. I didn't.

    This realization was painful, but it was also liberating in that I am now more at peace about making personal plans for the future.

  2. Humans are ever changing, it's impossible to know every little aspect of the mind. Often we barely know our own nature given certain situations!! Lots of food for thought here!! Well done!

    Hugs Giggles

  3. Honesty is a strange commodity. Somethings should never be said even if they are truthful and sometimes a lie is not to bad. There is no exact science when it comes to truth.
    I am not sure it is possible to know another person completely since most of us rarely know our selves. A rarity is the person who really knows who or what they really are.
    I certainly don't.

  4. Keith this is fantastic. I think within families even truth in all matters is never welcomed.

    However I value honesty, it's the key to overcoming many difficult situations and grievances, even though it's hard to hear

  5. Would depend on the secert wouldn't it?
    Sometimes we hold back in fear of hurting others....

    Sigh!......Try Paisley...she's gota secert!

  6. Perhaps the question is "How much do we know ourselves?"

  7. I don't think we can ever know anyone completely - including ourselves.
    Enjoyed your reflection.

  8. We can only quest to know ourselves completely. We can't walk in another person's shoes. Very thought provoking writing. I enjoyed this.

  9. I don't know that I have enough time to sift through everything that happened in the 31 years the Mountain Man lived before I met her. And he certainly doesn't need to be subjected to all my ancient history. He knows enough of the sordid truth as it is. And we're both perfectly happy that way!

  10. I've been married for 17 years and still find out new things. Is that secrets? Or is it a little magic?

    For us, it's like a little magic.

    I was super honest in another relationship many years ago now and it was...very bad.

    I guess we all have secrets from each others.

    ps Thanks for stopping by!

  11. Phew!! Keith. Very true. Every relationship is built based on a thin layer of trust minus secrets.

  12. Everyone is an enigma. Wots the fun if we know everything

  13. yes a good relationship lies on respect, trust and honesty but the secret of successful relationship is putting God in the center of it.



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