Thursday, August 13, 2009

A celestial show


The night is still, the sea just ripples
Not a sound spoils the silence.
Above the horizon
A half moon glows in the deep blue velvet black yonder
Which sparkles with a scattering of silver stars.

I lay on my back staring into infinity
Wondering what lies beyond
The pressures of the day are dismissed from my mind
I am at one with myself, at one with my thoughts.

Suddenly the heavens put on a show
Streaks of silver shoot across the sky
Four or five then ten or more
Then just as suddenly stillness returns
There is nowhere in the world I’d rather be now
Nowhere in the world.




  1. The perseid showers? :) I wanted to watch them and also write about them, but was at a loss for words...

  2. I can't stop giggling even though I know this is a serious piece. Imagining yourself alone in bed and where this was heading...thought you'd been influenced by reading too much of Mr Snake's COTs :)

  3. Oh wait, you weren't in bed...just my dirty mind. Thousand apologies :)

  4. Oh yeah right..........Now I get abuse from other bloggers....on your site....hmmm .....what were ya saying keith? ya were in bed with whom and doing what?
    Whoops no ya weren't in bed were ya.........JUST what were you doing MR????????

  5. On a serious note.

    Brilliantly write my friend and pretty soon I hope ta reach what you have just envisaged.........
    I'll tell ya what is like......

    Great work
    Sorry cant help myself.......

    OH and you other bloggers that read my comments movce a little closer ta the screen.........
    So i can snot ya one and slap ya candy faces.......

    Keith and I are good mates.......
    so YOU just watch it..........

  6. What a great read. I've wanted to watch the meteor shower but can't seem to get outside at the right times. Hope all is well. Have a great day.