Wednesday, September 10, 2008

My favourite health drink!

Beer is good for you, and that's official! I’ve been doing some research and this is what I found.

Did you know that beer is high in B vitamins, particularly B6 which prevents the build up of homocysteine, a common cause of heart problems? I bet you didn’t. Neither did I.

Let’s look at the facts. Beer contains no fat, no cholesterol, and very little carbohydrate or sodium. It has no caffeine or nitrate.

It can help you to sleep – although you may wake up during the night for a pee or two - and has a diuretic effect on the body which helps get rid of toxins and waste. The elderly can also benefit from a daily pint. It aids urination and helps with blood vessel dilation waste. So far so good as long as you don’t get caught short!

It may not surprise you to know that beer is 92percent water. I discovered it was called liquid bread many years ago when water was often contaminated.

So, all in all that’s good news for us beer drinkers. But with all good news it comes with a downside. It seems that these benefits only apply when beer is drunk in moderation, and that's not always easy to achieve! Drunk to excess it can cause the classic beer belly. It has an effect on the senses and can have a negative effect on ones judgment. Excess alcohol can cause damage to the kidneys and liver.

But the fact remains that beer, when enjoyed sensibly, can have a beneficial effect on health.
And that's good news - isn't it chaps! Mine’s a pint of Old And Filthy please.

Beer Beer Beer


  1. Well, actually I can't drink beer or any other alcoholic beverages because of medication I must take, but I always enjoy your posts.

    I have left you a little something on my blog. (No, you can't drink it!)

  2. Ah I've drank a beer or two three in my life and I am very healthy
    They told me however that one glas of beer equals 2 sanwiches

  3. AND.....every pint you drink helps Dickiebo's Pension Fund. Cheers!

  4. ...and my doctor said it's good to prevent kidney stones. that flushing of the system i believe you mentioned.

  5. this makes me think of fred sanford,, who was a character in a 70's tv show called sanford and son,, he called beer "corn flakes in a can!!!!"

  6. I could have told ya all that!

  7. Stupid meds. I would love to try a beer called Old and Filthy.

  8. You go Keith....enjoy!! I heard this too!

    Hugs Giggles



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