Monday, September 08, 2008

The end is nigh!

On Wednesday September 10th at 8.30am UK time the world’s biggest machine, The Large Haddron Collider will be switch on on in Geneva. I’ve read lots about it but I really don’t understand what it does.

The head of public relations said recently "People phone me and say that they are seriously worried. Please tell me that my children are safe”. Emails also arrive every day that beg for reassurance that the world will not end, he explained.

Others are more aggressive. There are a number who say: "You are evil and dangerous and you are going to destroy the world."

It should prove very interesting!

The world will end on Wednesday
That’s what some people think
I’ll have to stay up Tuesday night
and have a final drink.

I’ll prob’ly go to heaven
at least I think I should
I’ve done my best for fellow man
I’ve always been quite good

Rosey’s bought a golden bag
in which to pack some things
A robe made from a clean white sheet
and plastic angel wings

I hope there’ll be a blogosphere
beyond the pearly gates
A place where I can ramble on
and write to all my mates

Have those people got it wrong
or have they got it right?
If nothing happens Wednesday morn
we’ll chat on Wednesday night.

My new URL will be


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. What a sweet rambling my dear!! Great job, humor, hope, and love all wrapped into a neat package of words!

    Hugs Giggles

  3. big discussion on the local radio this morning about this too.

    but like with y2k, i'll just wait and see.... as you so eloquently put it, i'll either see you or i won't.

  4. uhoh!!! And I had a party planned for this weekend!!

  5. Sounds like all the chaos that ensued with the change that came in 2000.

    I bet we'll be chatting thursday :)

    Love the poem though.

  6. i didn't know this...i beter hurry then...

    do come over to my blog and pick your award...

  7. meet ya at the pub for last drinks mate......get there early could be a rush on!

  8. You are a clever chap! This made me grin.

  9. a mexican girl i work with told me yesterday that there would be a huge earthquake here today ( i live just off the san andreas fault line in northern cali)... i wonder if this is what she was talking about...

    and i am ever so much with you,, as i often felt about the hurricanes when i lived on the florida coast,,,, if it is coming,, not much i can do,, so let me be drunk when it arrives.....



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