Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Why do I blog?

Someone asked me today why I Blog. Wasn’t it simply a form of attention seeking? Isn’t it just a little sad?

I was a tad lost for words at the time, but now I’ve had time to stand back and think about it.

This is what I think.

My Blog is my constant friend. I can tell my Blog anything I like and it never answers back. I write whatever I want and it never refuses to publish my articles with excuses such as ‘too specific’ or too few words' as with Helium!

Ok, so true friends don’t give away your secrets and my Blog makes every effort to shout my business from the rooftops!

But I don’t mind. Using my Blog I find myself able to say things I wouldn’t necessarily say in a face-to-face situation and that’s probably a good thing!

It’s part autobiography, a bit of a travel diary and a little social comment. I’ve been able to litter the sight with photos where necessary and all in all I’m chuffed to bits with it.

What started as one blog has now grown to six with dedicated sites for photos, poems etcetera.

At first I assumed only family and friends were looking at it, but when I signed up to Icerocket I discovered I have readers not just from the UK, but from China, India, Canada, Sweden, Holland New Zealand, Australia, the Emirates and of course USA.

So that’s what it is and that’s why I do it.


  1. And what's wrong with seeking a little attention, I'd like to know - don't we all do it in some way? Nothing sad about conversations and sharing photos and writing for others to read. Blog on!

  2. Cheers and may you always blog.

  3. and that's the way it should be...!!!

    happy blogging, keith...

  4. And it's good for us that you do, Englishman! Cheers!

  5. that's why we all do it...:)

  6. And we are very blessed that you do!!
    It really does take us down a different road than expected doesn't it? It's a wonderful connection to like minded souls!

    Hugs Sherrie

  7. Keith,

    I think blogging has now become a venue for self expression, this is how it works at least for me. It is my way of communicating and connecting with people, and with the world. It's also both an outlet and medium for my artistic expression.

    As written on my nook's header, Jeques Web nook aims to tame the tyke's voice, my voice. In the eight months that I've been blogging, the best benefit I got is knowing more myself through my recorded thoughts written in my nook.

    And it is a bonus knowing that there are people who are interested to read my recorded thoughts.

    I wish you well.

    ~ Jeques

  8. You been reading my mind again my friend?



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