Monday, April 07, 2008

stars in their eyes - with poem 8 tacked on!


For years ‘Stars in Their Eyes’ has attracted TV audiences of millions. The little office girl would appear onstage alongside compare Matthew Kelly who would ask her who she was about to impersonate. ‘Tonight Maffue’ she’d say ‘I’m gonna be Madonna' Lights dimmed -lights up, and there she stood in a pointy bra and a corset singing, though not acting, Like a Virgin!

And so they came and went – lorry driver Michael Jackson and postman John Travolta!

A few weeks ago, a young man named Simon came on in a wheelchair. He explained to Matthew that a year ago he had been in a serious car accident. He was travelling with his uncle John who was unfortunately killed. Simon lost both his legs. He went on to say that thanks to the miracle of medical science he had been able to have his deceased uncles legs grafted on himself and soon he hoped to walk again.

The lights went down, there was a roll on the drums, and Matthew asked him who he was going to be. ‘Tonight Matthew’ he said ‘I’m going to be Simon and Half-uncle’!

And if you believe that you’ll believe anything . Anyway here's an example of what we have to endure


poem8 - do you?

you look

do you see?

you touch

do you feel?

you taste

do you savour?

you listen

do you hear?

you exist

do you live?


  1. Keith thanks for the commentary of that show very interesting I suppose. Not overly familiar with it. I love your poem and I do believe I do all of those things. Excellent.

  2. Soul searching questions in poetry form, excellent!

  3. Profound and to the point. Well done.
    I'm in a bit of pain from Simon so I'm going away now.

  4. you write
    do you realise how beautifully you do it?