Sunday, April 06, 2008

poem7 - william can't hear

He speaks with his hands
and hears with his eyes
He feels the music

His laugh is the loudest
his words just sounds
but we understand

He's a joker, a clown
the ultimate entertainer
spreads joy all around

He feels special, unique
Says it's a gift!
We all love William

while I've got your attention, there are new pictures at keiths images!


yesterday it was spring - 10 photos


the school concert - 9 photos



  1. Ahhh what a wonderful tribute to your friend. I am sure he loves you and will love this poem. Great post.

  2. the poem was so lovely... very touching... now off to view the photos....

  3. What a great poem! I really like the first stanza, and the rest of it gives a feel for who he really is.

  4. That's beautiful. My son's name is William, too.

  5. Sign Language is a beautiful language , it's one that is near and dear to my heart and I so enjoy signing.

  6. yes lovely is the word..