Tuesday, April 08, 2008

poem9 - the daffodils demise

The daffodils are dying
but that’s alright by me
All that’s left’s a sea of brown
where yellow used to be

The daffodil, an overture
to greater things to come
Longer days and warmer nights
and lazing in the sun.

Soon those golden flowers
make way for colours new
Pansies pink and tulips red
and swathes of brightest blue.

The daffodil has done its job
it told us winter’s passed
Now its time to fade away
for spring has sprung at last!



  1. this poem is as delightful as the daffodils!

  2. Awesome and Spring has sprung! Cheers.

  3. This is a delightful poem - you've made something sad into a positive. Being on the north side of the mountain, our daffodils bloom after everyone else's and stay a bit longer.

  4. yes, yes, yes, spring is here at last...oh so many to catch up...on my way, thanks for leaving me all those comments..i have been too busy..i am not making up an excuse - before i know it will be 2010!

  5. Oh joy spring is here! Lovely poem!