Thursday, April 10, 2008

poem10 - eating by numbers

A bowl of Chicken noodle soup
number 24
then I ate a 68
I needed something more

Beef in black bean it was
tender dark and nice
I had it with a 146
special egg fried rice

I also had a seafood dish
a number 47
Great big prawns with cashew nuts
I thought I’d gone to heaven!

Spare ribs and a plate of duck
4 and 87
A tangle of chop suey
number 1 – 11

By then I felt a little full
and so I paid the waiter
Trouble is with Chinese food
You’re hungry two hours later!

So I had a pizza




  1. Hey there sir what fun this one was. You must of had me on your mind when you ordered that pizza. LOL. Yummy

  2. One of each please, and a bowl of hot and sour soup on the side. Now I'm definitely hungry. We have a Chinese restaurant here, but they load everything up with MSG so we seldom eat there.

  3. Hahahah...may be you should stick to alphabet soup ..then you will have only 26 alphabets to think of and not an infinity of numbers !! :)

  4. tell me, how do you eat your pizza? with a knife and fork?