Saturday, April 26, 2008

poem26- I'm not so sure

This weeks prompt on Sunday Scribblings is The Future of the Planet
The sun shone brightly today
It was warm, unseasonably warm
They blamed it on my car.

Yesterday it blew a gale
It was windy, unusually windy
I forgot to recycle a jar

There was a flood last week
Homes were ruined, totally ruined
‘cos I used a plastic bag

Another forest disappeared
Trees felled, millions of trees
So I could read a book

There’s another drought in Africa
Thousands dying, dying for want of water
because I had a bath

Using up the worlds resources.
Poisoning the atmosphere
Global warming, greenhouse gasses
I should live my life in fear

Every day I’m told it’s my fault
My greed, my insatiable greed
But I’m not so sure.




  1. Maybe we can make a little bit of difference by all that conscientious recycling, but as long as the business world and huge conglomerates both pollute and encourage overconsumption, especially of fossil fuels, our contribution doesn't amount to much. You said it cleverly.

  2. Hey Keith, After all those brides, haven't you learned?... EVERYTHING is your fault! :))

  3. LOL. Hey there Keith great post you did a good job I will say I don't think it is all your fault just ummmm well then again lol just kidding.

  4. Keith,
    If yuo'll take the blame then I can continue my wayward behavior and just point at you. ;)

  5. world population is over 6.5 billion - multiply what you do by even a tenth and you bet what you do matters! You could live your life in fear but wouldn't it make more sense to live it responsibly?

  6. I wrote this to try and offer an
    alternative view.
    I don't necessarily believe it, but without two sides there can be no debate. And it is fun playing devil's advocate!

  7. and my dear,, i believe a bit of cheek is in order,,, assumed one myself on this...

  8. Keith I agree with the sage granny! The more we learn the better we do! Really enjoyed the poem, powerful and fun! It's can't always be doom and gloom!

    Hugs Sherrie

  9. I like the way you put it. The problem lies squarely with Big Biz and ...
    If any of it is your fault, my fault, our fault, it is not banging on the counter of big Biz and telling them en masse to change.

  10. I loved this. Cleverly put and this will create great awareness to reverse our actions bit by bit.

  11. Keith,
    Well said. It's hard to believe that you don't "get" poetry with a poem like that! I took a similar tack, but with a little fictional piece. It does seem like we are all working so hard to do our part while big business is barely changing its ways.

  12. trust u to come up with an alternative approach to teh whole thing...:D

  13. i like this take much better than many appeals to 'save the planet', often such pieces like yours allow one more to think deep...thought provoking.

  14. I do often think I'm just wasting my time by sorting, rinsing (using even more water?), and dropping off the recyclables (no pick up here). I make sure I do it in conjunction with other errands as it's "on the way." But I still do it, because my folks won't, and my inlaws won't, and my brother won't, but my sister does, and my sisters-in-law all do, so maybe it helps. A little.



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