Saturday, April 26, 2008

poem27 - I'm lost for words

' '
Got to write a poem tonight
Don’t know what to say
I promised, so I have to pen
A poem every day

What shall I do, what shall I say
I don’t know what to utter
The only thing that rhymes with that
Is mutter flutter butter

Scratch my head, stare at the walls
Muse why have you left?
Gaze out the window, scratch my – errr - knee
My mind, it’s all bereft

Today’s the day I say with sorrow
I cannot write a verse
I’ll have another go tomorrow
It can’t get any worse.


  1. It still flows nicely Keith and muse will come back. I loved you scratching your errr knee

  2. high on the chuckle scale - and not apt to get me up on my soapbox like yesterday's offering ;)

  3. I love it! especially the err-knee!
    Love when you add humor to your poems. :)

  4. How can you say it can't get any worse? This is great loved it.

  5. heh..heh..clever, clever...u still got a poem, didn't u?

  6. yes, am i glad only two more to go..!! but you are doing so good...i have to write two more and you have only one more left!! did excellent Keith