Sunday, April 27, 2008

poem28 - sorry?


Don’t tell me that you’re sorry
how dare you say you care
I’m fed up with your platitudes
Don’t tell me it’s unfair

You really think that I could live
with your constant lying?
Don’t look at me with tear filled eyes
It’s me that should be crying

I’ve tried my best to understand
I’ve searched my aching heart
You’ll never know how much this hurts
But now it’s time for us to part

I didn’t mean to hurt you so
I made a small mistake
I beg of you don’t make me go
How much pleading does it take?

I didn’t want to lie to you
But things just went far too fast
Can’t you see it’s you I need?
It truly wasn’t meant to last

You know I love you, you love me
But now I’ll walk away
I broke your heart, you’re breaking mine
In time we’ll both regret this day.


Come here you two idiots
Sort this out or I’m banging your heads together
She only did it because she thought it would make you happy
Ok, he should have told you sooner
But she didn't want to spoil the surprise
It's not as if she was having an affair!



  1. How great to have the different sides of this story... but Keith if it wasn't an affair.. What is it?
    A baby?? A surprise partY? I'm too loopy to figure it out. :)

  2. Hi Lucy - I really don't have a clue what it is! I'm a mere bystander!

  3. Like Lucy I too was puzzled but I hope they work it out. Your bluebells put mine to shame.

  4. scratches head I ummm thought it was an affair right til the very end. So do tell is it a baby?

  5. Like I said folks - I really have no idea! But I'm open to suggestions

  6. awww..hate to see a couple break up over a misunderstanding...!!!

  7. okay Keith, I've figured it out... HE set up the ménage à trois, and Now he is unhappy that SHE actually went through with it, so what the FRIEND means is-IT wasns't an affair, It was just a Friendly surprise??!!

  8. i thought it was an affair...but i like the way a friend would interpret the same scenario think outside the box can be done only as a friend...

  9. Ah, what a tangled web. . . etc.
    Sometimes a third party does need to knock heads together. Or keep the two in question from knocking their own heads together too much.