Monday, April 28, 2008

poem29 - overture

Bluebells chime
with vivid colour
Blossom falls
like soft pink snow
on a fragile carpet
of nodding cowslips

A new sound echoes
at days dawn
A choir of songbirds
sing their song
An overture to
the opera of summer

The first act has begun

let me read it to you.

All of my NaPoWriMo poems are together HERE


  1. A choir of songbirds sing their song what a wonderful line. This is a beautiful poem. I love your new message as well.

  2. oh beautiful, Keith...i am back and plenty to catch up, beginning here, gonig backward :)

  3. I love hearing you read the poems. Cool!

  4. Your bluebells are spectacular. Mine did bloom. There are 9 blossoms. I was quite proud. Then I saw yours. Ah well, maybe someday.

  5. Oh I like that, especially hearing you read it. It's good.