Tuesday, April 29, 2008

poem30 - joy

a comfortable life
is a life filled with contentment

a contented life
carries happiness on its back

a happy life
is as much as we can hope for

yet there is one higher plane
that just the lucky few attain

a joyful life
for joy transcends happiness

and embraces
comfort and contentment


  1. Very well said. I learned that I had to be happy by myself before I could be happy with someone else. And now I have the MountainMan and 2 gorgeous children who I would move heaven and earth for (even when they misbehave).

  2. This is beautiful. I believe we can all achieve contentment and happiness if we want it you have to find it within yourself its there no matter what.

  3. beautiful poem. The key to our happiness lies within ourselves. Everyone understands that, yet so few realize it.

  4. Beautiful Keith. And so true. Keep up the good work.

  5. what a beautiful poem for day 30, you have captured it in a nutshell, and only you can put such a simple message so beautifully...i am so glad you decided to take up NaPoWriMo, congrats you have successfully reached the end, but i hope this is surely not the end of the road for you when it comes to poems, as i loved your series much...hope you will continue to write poetry whenever the urge strikes...thank you.

  6. yoohooo!!! day 30 and what a fitting poem to end...hopefully next time you don't need a dare to do it'cos u poetise well...

    and now where's my prize for being such a loyal reader....;)

  7. is taht joy in mandarin?

  8. beautiful poem.. so Are YOU joyful?
    I often feel I have achieved the whole package. :)

  9. So beautifully said Keith....I hope you have that inner joy within you.
    Congrats on achieving this 30 poems a month ...wow!!!
    Loved all your poems so far...I think you outdid youself.