Saturday, April 19, 2008

poem 20 - inspiration


Some days words come easily
On others they float around
Like so many bubbles
that burst with my feeble attempts to catch them

Some days my blank screen fills
On others it’s a sea of white
Like the blankest canvas
awaiting brushstrokes of rich colours and rhyme

Some days my muse sits beside me
On others she hides from my view
Like a mischievous child
Playing hide and seek between the trees

For inspiration is a fickle mistress
One day arms open wide
The next back turned in defiance
Always there to embrace or ignore

let me read it to you!




  1. Another excellent post sir. I love it.

  2. You catched it perfectly You wouldn't tell that your word bubble around You must be a good catcher. ( Hope you are fine)

  3. Creativity is a frustration occasionally. Like a perfect golf game...the minute we think we have it down, it disappears and must be beaten out of the ground.


  4. I have enjoyed catching up on a week of lovely poetry. An excellent way to get back into the blog world.

  5. it comes and goes...that's why we love it so.